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RazzDazz Fem Photo x3

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A Walipini Seeds x Raw Genetics collab!

Lineage? Prom Night x Pancakes x Pirates Milk.

Dive into vibrant colors, frosty trichomes, and a blend of berry aromas with an earthy kick. Perfect for night-time relaxation & peace of mind.

RazzDazz is a visually captivating cannabis strain with vibrant, multicolored buds and a frosty trichome layer. Its aroma is a delightful blend of sweet berries and gassy, earthy undertones. When smoked, it delivers a complex flavor profile featuring fruity sweetness and a funky, diesel-like finish. Ideal for nighttime use, this strain induces a relaxing body high and a calming cerebral euphoria, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day or managing symptoms like anxiety and insomnia.

Cross: Pancakes x Pirates Milk x Prom Night

Seed Type: Feminized Photoperiod

Type: Hybrid-Indica

Height: Medium

Harvest: 60-65 Days

Yield: Medium

Terp: Berry / Floral / Sweet

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