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Walipini Seeds

  After decades of unwavering friendship, the inception of Walipini Seeds marked the realization of a lifelong dream of the two friends – the cultivation of top-tier cannabis legally without fear.

  As our genetic strains gained popularity in the community, the demand spurred us to embark on a journey of breeding and sharing them with the world.

  The results have been nothing short of extraordinary. In a remarkably short span, Walipini Seeds has etched its name as a trustworthy and esteemed breeder within the cannabis community.

  Our Discord community has exploded, boasting over 3500 members in a short couple years, a lot of which are successfully cultivating our strains and sharing their positive experiences in a grow log fashion.

  We extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this collective journey of cannabis community growth, where we not only grow exceptional cannabis but also thrive together.

Please read our legal disclaimer HERE

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