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Bagoda Kush Fem Photo x3

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Introducing "Bagoda Kush," an exceptional cannabis hybrid strain that combines the alluring aromas of sweet berries and creamy undertones with a touch of gas. This unique fragrance profile delights the senses, making it an enticing choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Not only does Bagoda Kush captivate with its aromatic bouquet, but it also showcases its robust growth characteristics, providing exceptional yields. This strain is a true champion in the garden, boasting sturdy and vigorous plants that thrive in various environments. The flowers are nothing short of impressive, with dense and sizeable colas.

Hindu Kush crosses using 14 year old seed. Best of the best from the bunch crossed. Hindu x Purple Hindu.

Cross: Hindu Kush x Purple Hindu Kush

Seed Type: Feminized Photoperiod

Type: Hybrid-Indica

Height: Tall

Harvest: 70-80 Days

Yield: Heavy

Terp: Berry / Sweet / Gas

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