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Sugar Scoop Feminized Autoflower x3

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Product Details
Collab of GreenHand Genetics 'Magic Spoon' x Walipini 'Sugargrandaddy'
This super frosty and terpy autoflower is sure to wow.
Exceptional flower structure and yields

-From GreenHands Description of Magic Spoon
Strain name: Magic Spoon
Genetics: (Silverback OG X OG Kush Auto)
Flowering type: Autoflower
Seed gender: Feminized
Flowering time: 75-85 days
Aroma: Chem / Kush / Grape / Earthy

The Magic Spoon is one of the first Autoflowering strains made by Greenhand Genetics. At the time of its creation there was a phone app going around that claimed to be able to measure thc from a photo, so on my Snapchat I claimed that waving a spoon over your bud would tell you how high you were gonna get. The campaign was a success with people enjoying the parody so I wanted to commemorate that good time by naming my next strain Magic Spoon, and thus a legend was born.

The Magic Spoon was made by combining Silverback OG hybritech and OG Kush auto from Humboldt seed company. The silverback OG is a fast flowering highbred that has incredible resin stack potential The silver back OG is a fast flowering hybrid that has incredible resin stack potential and flower bag appeal. The OG Kush auto was made by the Humboldt seed company crew using Giest Grows OG Kush, it is a massive flowering shorter auto flower that produces large colas on every branch with some having excellent purple collaration to the leaves and buds.

The Resulting cross has explosive vegetative growth with some plants having no difficulty getting larger given the space to grow. It’s got nice lateral branching while focusing on a main apical branch. Does well topped young or trained to help promote more more tops, but given light this Autoflower will fill out from top to the bottom.

Once flowered you begin to see the Magic of the cross begin to come out. Each branch has the potential to drip resin, the magic spoon fills out with trichomes from the top of its leaves inward displaying a disco tech level of glistening glands. The end flower can display brilliant colors as well with reds and purples being present in the bracts. The aroma of the flower is pungent with some carrying grape Kush like flavor while others have more of an earthy chem character.

Within the line there will be two main phenos, one shorter and one taller. The shorter phenos will finish faster typically around 70-75 days, while the taller phenos will finish closer to 80 days. The shorter phenos contain more grape aromas, the Chem aroma does persist in a few short phenos but is mostly found in the taller longer flowering phenotypes.

The Magic Spoon does it’s best with space to grow and a powerful light, it is ideal for outdoor or greenhouse grows where it can utilize the power of the sun. May require some staking in late flower from its massive colas. It is not irregular to get 2 liter bottle colas outside with this cultivator but indoors depending on the light intensity I would still expect great yield potential. I recommend starting these in their final container for best results.

Recommended for intermediate growers. Beginner growers may not do well with an autoflowering variety, but those who have any growing experience would benefit from adding autoflowers to their strain library.
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